Fall Fashion

Fashion And Beauty Experts Reveal Their Best Fall Beauty Tips
The art of shaving is something we all must learn and do in today’s world. The problem is we all have some kind of issue with shaving. Things like sensitive skin, acne, ingrown hairs, and basic shaving techniques sometimes seem to be the outcome of our shaving efforts.

Milan Fashion Week had some beauty moments that made us stop in our tracks: the seven ’20s-inspired bobs at Prada, the fact that Wreck-It Ralph‘s Vanellope von Schweetz served as beauty muse at Fendi and the various silver makeup tattoos at Giamba. But as far as trends go, the recurring thing we noticed was pops of colour, specifically in blue, red and orange.

That pain that you feel at the end of a long night—no, it's not a hangover and it's not exhaustion. We're talking about something worse—the pain that's caused by a seemingly evil and malicious pair of high heels. But, believe it or not, not all high heels are created equal. In some cases, they can actually be healthier for your feet than flats. "Excess pronation is a condition that affects 75 percent of the population and has been related to many conditions, such as heel pain (otherwise known as plantar fasciitis), knee pain, and even lower-back pain," says podiatrist Phillip Vasyli.

It’s a fact of life that we all learn some of our best beauty tips through word of mouth and let’s face it – some of the most random conversations with friends – because everyone loves to dish.