Private Label Division

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A few recent example of a custom made promotional products we have worked on for national clients are filp flops, portfolio case and more.  In each, took the project from design brief to manufacturing samples within 30days.  Some of our custom promotional products that we have made are used as cost effective “thank you” to clients. Whatever the objective, budget and planned outcome, the client which have sourced using custom production services have all found that the end result was one of the most successful marketing activates in which they had engaged.

Using custom designed collateral is a great way to create a unique market image and position for your company and its products. A custom made product which can only be obtained from your company, which highlights the product and service advantages of your organization has proven over the years to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. Of course, it all comes down to sourcing the right product and ensuring quality is maintained.

Sourcing your own quality product is a lot more cost-effective than you might think with our product manager system and free custom design service there nothing stopping you taking your promotional sourcing to the next level.          

Private Label Orders

We can sew private labels into any of our products, or any custom product you work with us to produce. We do request that labels have a 3/8" bleed so your logo doesn't get cut off in production. The minimums for a private label order will be based on the style being ordered. Each style/fabric will have different minimums. The average minimum for a custom order will be 500 pieces per style, 200 per size.

Place a Private Label Order

For more information, or to place an order, call us at + (604) 210 9118. 

Contact a sales person in our Private Label department. Orders(at)